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Avaya Partner ACS R8 Processor

Manufacturer: AT&T / Lucent / Avaya
Brand: Partner ACS
Item: ACS R8 Phone System
Model: 700316474-8
Warranty: 1 Year

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Product Description

The Avaya Partner ACS Release 8 Phone System / Processor is Avaya's latest and greatest Partner phone system. It is the direct replacement for the R7 processors.

Like all Partner ACS Processors, the R8 can be run in a stand alone configuration and accomodates 5 phone lines and 9 Partner ACS series 1 or series 2 phones. You may also use the older MLS style partner phones.

Aside from a standalone configuration, the Partner ACS R7 is to be used in conjunction with Partner ACS 308EC modules, 400 modules and 012 Modules. To use more modules, you must use a 2 slot or 5 slot carrier.

The Partner ACS R8 phone systemhas a built in backup and restore card, negating the need for a seperate backup card.

  • NEW R8
  • 5x9 Processor Module
  • Supports 5 Lines and 9 Phones
  • For use standalone or with other Partner and Partner ACS Modules
  • 2 PC Card slots for Voice Messaging, ASA/DXD, Backup / Restore and software programming cards
  • Direct connection to analog answering machine, fax machines, partner acs telephonesand modems to station ports.
  • 100 System Speed Dials
  • Supports door locks, security systems and other devices in conjunction with a 2 contact closure (sold seperately)
  • Music On Hold Port
  • Compatible with TAPI
  • Station Message Detail Recording (SMDR) Port
  • Built In Paging
  • Internal Backup
  • 100's More...

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Avaya Partner ACS R8 Processor


Here are the release notes for the this brand new ACS R8

PARTNER ACS R8.0 Release Overview

Hot Dialing (FEATURE 26)
Requires a programmable button with lights.

Allows PARTNER ACS ETR telephones to make calls by just dialing the number on the keypad, without having to lift the handset or pressing a speaker button. The call progress can be monitored using the speaker in the phone. On phones that support 2-way speakerphones the whole conversation can be had without having to lift the handset.

Message Alert Notification (FEATURE 27)
Requires a programmable button with lights; and programmed Auto Intercom buttons on the users telephone.

Allows any PARTNER ACS ETR telephone, programmed with Auto Intercom buttons, to see which users have messages waiting in their mailbox. When the Message Alert Notification button is pressed, the DSS/BLF buttons programmed on the users telephone will display a red illumination when the associated user had new voice mails waiting. To exit from this mode, the user would press the Message Alert button again.

Extension Display Name
Provides a visual display of the programmed extension name and extension number on the display. Simplifies locating a specific user and / or extension number.

Network Clock Synchronization Deactivation (#128)
Some network providers provide dial tone from different parts of the country (ex. Network provider located in Central Time Zone providing trunks to an end user located on the East coast). The time of day sent with the Caller ID information originates from the Central Time Zone, in turn, resetting the system time on the end users PARTNER ACS system to Central Time.

PARTNER ACS R7.0.12.5 allows you to manually deactivate the Network Time Synchronization feature, so the system clock is not affected.

Station Message Detail Immediate (SMDI)
This provides built-in SMDI functionality. This previously required the need for the optional SMDI PC card. This card is needed for 3rd party API applications, such as Telcomp’s Pickups (screen pop).

Caller ID to Analog Devices
The application in this release passes Incoming Caller ID information to analog devices (wireless / cordless telephones; single line sets, Caller ID Display boxes, etc.) on incoming CO calls and intercom calls.

Remote Software Upgrade
PARTNER PC Administration supports remote software uploads to PARTNER ACS R8 systems. The software file (.bin file) is sent to the remote PARTNER ACS R8 system in the same manner as if you were uploading a translation file. A remote reboot command is required to finalize the process (again, in the same manner as we currently use for uploading a translation file). Note – this will only be available on the official ACS R8 release.

Posted Messaging (FEATURE 28)
Requires a programmable button with lights. Compatible only on 18D and 34D telephones.

This release supports 6 canned Posted Message plus 2 user customizable messages. Simply press the Posted Message button, and follow the prompts in the LCD display. When a Posted Message is activated, it remains active in the users display. When the user is called via the intercom (intercom ring only); the Posted Message will be displayed on their LCD display as well.

Posted Messaging - Inspect
Allows you to remotely inspect the active Posted Message at another extension.  Press the Posted Message button, then press INSPECT. You are prompted to press the Auto Intercom button or dial the extension you wish to view. When you do, the active Posted Message is displayed.

Station Distinctive Ringing (Admin #323)
(Default = Pattern 1) Administered on an extension by extension basis; allowing you to assign a personalized ringing pattern to a user’s extension.

Override Line Ringing  (Admin #324)
(Default = Off) Administered on an extension by extension basis. Used in conjunction with Station Distinctive Ringing. Allows you to determine which takes precedence – Personalized Line Ringing or Personalized Station Ringing.

R6 / R7 to R8 Translation Conversion
The PARTNER ACS R8 will automatically convert an ACS R6 or ACS R7 image file to be compatible with the ACS R8 system; drastically reducing administration and programming time on system upgrades and maintenance replacements. Users simply plug in the PCMCIA card that stores the ACS R6 or ACS R7 translation file; the file gets upgraded to an ACS R8 translation; then do a system restore.

Erase a R6 RAC card with embedded R6 upgrade file, allowing it to be used as standard R8 RAC
Requires PC Administration software

PC Administration
PARTNER ACS PC Administration software allows a user to administer their PARTNER ACS (Release 3.0 and higher) from a simple Windows-based GUI interface. The latest version of this software (Release provides support for all of the enhancements stated in this overview. Remember, this is still beta software.

Avaya Partner ACS Product Brochure (pdf)

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