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Nortel Norstar Business Phone Systems ®

Norstar phone systems are the perfect blend between price, features and class. Norstar is intended for 3 to 299 users in a single location. They are extremely reliable, feature rich, and affordable.

Norstar business phone systems have a timeless appeal on your desk. We sell more Norstar phone systems than any other in our inventory.
Norstar Phone System Packages

Norstar Packages

  • Choose from a variety of Norstar Phone System Packages!
Simple 3x8 , Enhanced 3x8, Simple CICS , Basic MICS, More!
Norstar Compact ICS

Nortel Norstar Phone Systems

  • Norstar phone systems are among the most reliable phone systems on the market
Compact ICS, Modular ICS
Norstar T7316e

Norstar Digital Phones

  • Norstar digital phones for use with all Norstar and BCM phone systems.
T7316e, T7208, T7100,
T7406 Cordless
, M7310,
, More...
LS/DS Trunk Card

Norstar Phone System Parts

  • Parts for Norstar Phone Systems
Caller ID Trunk Card,
T-1 Card
, 12x0, 0x16,
6 Port Fiber Combo, More...
norstar call pilot 100

Norstar Voicemail Systems

  • Voicemail systems for Norstar phone systems.
Call Pilot 100, Call Pilot 150,
Flash 2 / 4
, More...
norstar call centers

Norstar Call Centers

Norstar Featured Specials

Norstar Compact ICS Phone System Package
  • All New
  • Ships With 4 Phones and Voicemail
  • Caller ID Ready

Norstar T7316e

Norstar T7316e
  • 24 Button Desk Phone
  • Flip Up Display
  • Headphone Jack


Norstar Compact ICS

Norstar Compact ICS
  • 4x16 to 8x24
  • Caller ID or No
  • Several Options Available


Norstar Modular ICS

Norstar Modular ICS
  • T-1 / Pri Compatible
  • Expandable
  • Up to 300 Stations


Norstar LS/DS 4 Port Trunk Card

Norstar LS/DS 4 Port Trunk Card
  • 4 Lines Each
  • Non Caller ID
  • Works in CICS / MICS


Norstar Caller ID 4 Port Trunk Card

Norstar Caller ID 4 Port Trunk Card
  • Used for Caller ID
  • 4 Lines Each
  • Works in CICS / MICS


Norstar Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)

Norstar Analog Terminal Adapter (ATA)
  • Single Analog Port
  • Works with CICS/MICS
  • NT8B90


Norstar CallPilot 100

Norstar CallPilot 100
  • 4 Ports
  • 10 to 40 Voicemail Boxes
  • Supports Unified Mess..


Norstar T24 KIM

Norstar T24 KIM
  • Fits T7316e
  • Adds 24 Buttons
  • Uses Station Port


Nortel T7406E Wireless Digital Phone

T7406E Wireless Digital Phone
  • 6 Lines
  • Up to 3 HS per Base
  • Works with CICS/MICS



These phone systems are made by Nortel Networks. They have been in prodcution since 1989 and are immensely popular.

The phone systems themselves come in 3 flavors.

The 3x8 is the smallest of the Norstar Phone Systems. It's a non expandable, non caller ID small office phone system. It will work with all of the Norstar digital phones and the any of the voicemail units.

The Compact ICS is the popular choice for up to 8 phone lines and up to 24 users. It comes out of the box ready to operate 4 phone lines and 16 phones. Caller ID ready. Add a card and it will operate 8 phone lines. Add another card and it will now operate 24 telehones.

The Modular ICS is the largest of the Norstar phone systems. It comes out of the box ready to operate zero phone lines and 32 digital Norstar phones. You then add either a T-1 card for T-1 or PRI connectivity or you add Caller ID Trunk Cards. The base MICS will accept two CID Cards.

The Modular ICS can then be expanded with extra addon cabinets that hang on the wall and connect to the MICS. These modules expand the number of phone lines accepted, the number of phones accepted or the number of analog station ports the system might have.

All of the Norstar phone systems accept the two voicemail units made by Nortel.

The Call Pilot 100 voicemail system is a 4 port voicemail with built in auto attendant and CCR tree. It comes out of the box with 10 mailboxes enabled. You can then buy lisences to upgrade all the way to 40 mailboxes in multiples of singles, fours, eights and sixteens.

The Call Pilot 150 voicemail system from Norstar is an 8 port unti with built in auto attendant and CCR tree. It also has a built in basic call center that can be upgraded to a fairly robust call center. The unit ships with 32 voicemail boxes and can be upgraded to 300 mailboxes in multples of single, fours, eights, sixteens and thirty twos.

You can also operate two call pilots on one MICS phone system. One for Voicemail and the other as a dedicated call center.

As far as phones go, the familiar Norstar lineup remains.

T7316e = Executive Desk Set (the phone you really want on your desk)
T7208 = 8 Button phone for warehouses, kitchens, cash register positions and things of the sort.
T7100 = Single line phone for lobbies and guests.
T7406 = Cordless mulitline digital norstar phone
T24 = 24 Button Addon for the T7316e telephone. Can add up to 7 per phone

All Norstar phones work across all of the Norstar platforms! It's really a great setup.

We have sold and installed countless numbers of Norstar phone systems over the years and we have found them be very solid and very stable and very affordable. They are a snap to install, easy to use and understand making them our favorite phone system on the planet.

We are located in Houston Texas. We keep Norstar phone systems in stock always! We have service crews here in Houston that are full trained on installing and maintaining these systems.

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Norstar Phone Systems

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