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NEC DSX Phone System

Sophisticated, Simplified, Advanced Business Phone System with Voip

DSX Advanced telephone System
The NEC DSX is the newest phone system offered by NEC Unified Solutions Inc. This phone system offers some advanced features, like VoiP and Intramail Voicemail systems!

The DSX is a hybrid VoiP key phone system. It is designed to operate the DSX phones! It supports normal CO lines, T-1 lines and ISDN or PRI lines.


Sophisticated Phone System Simplified

The NEC DSX Version 3.2, now with VoIP, offers extra enhancements to make your communication experience in a business environment more productive, profitable and user-controlled. This innovative, state-of-the-art business phone system is ideal for small, medium and Enterprise businesses with its affordability and ease of expansion.

NEC DSX VoIP and SIP Trunks

DSX v3.2 VoIP & SIP Trunking

  • VoIP Extensions with DSX VoIP Daughterboard
  • Peer-to-Peer Communication between IP Extension
  • NAT Traversal with Any Router
  • Improved ATA and SIP SLT Support
  • Eliminates the Use of VoIP Gateway Ports
  • User Level PC Programming
  • Support for Third Party SIP Trunking Providers
    • ATC (
    • BandTel (
    • Broadvox (
    • CommPartners (
    • DSX SIP (Built-In VoIP tie-line emulation between two IP-equipped DSX systems.)
    • Excel (
    • Jetwave (
    • Link2VoIP (
    • nexVortex (
    • Skype (
    • Vintalk (
    • Vitelity (
    • Voxitas (
    • Windstream (
    • Xchange Telecom (
  • On-Site or Off-Site Network Communications
  • Codec Support using the DSX 34-Button IP Phones
  • PoE Support with DSX IP Adapter
  • Compliant Third-Party SIP Phones, Soft Phones and Analog Terminal Adapters (ATA) are Supported

  • Use Digital, IP and/or PC-based Telephones
  • Use Analog, PRI / T-1 and/or SIP Trunks.
  • Default Numbering Plan Changes
  • VoIP Extensions
  • Line Scheduling with Skip Ahead
  • Built-In Auto Attendant
  • Office Administrator PC Program
  • Paging (Internal and External)
  • System Programming Back-up and Restore
  • Built-In Caller ID (with Call Waiting ID)
    • Logging: Stores the name, number and time/date of outside calls.
    • Checking: View Caller ID information associated with any extension.
    • Return Call: Easily return a call with automatic redial.
    • To Analog Ports: Send Caller ID information to Analog Single Line Ports.

NEC DSX-40 Specifications

  • Base Configuration:
    4 Lines x 8 Digital Stations x 2 Analog Stations
  • Maximum Configuration:
    8 Lines x 24 Digital Stations x 18 Analog Stations
  • 32 VoIP Stations
  • 8 VoIP Gateway Ports
  • 2 Door Box Ports
  • 2 Slots

NEC DSX-80 Specifications

  • Maximum Configuration:
    64 Lines x 32 Digital Stations x 32 Analog Stations
  • 32 VoIP Stations
  • 16 VoIP Gateway Ports
  • 4 Slots
Extra Features
  • T1 Lines
  • Tie Lines
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)

NEC DSX-160 Specifications

  • Maximum Configuration:
    64 Lines x 96 Digital Stations x 96 Analog Stations
  • 32 VoIP Stations
  • 16 VoIP Gateway Ports
  • 8 Slots
Extra Features
  • T1 Lines
  • Tie Lines
  • Direct Inward Dialing (DID)
NEC DSX Phones

Choose From Digital Or VoIP Keysets

  • 22-button and 34-button Phones
  • User Level Programming
  • Interactive Soft Keys
  • Hot Dial Pad
  • Available in Black or White
  • Enhanced Models feature Illuminated Dial Pad
  • Enhanced Models feature Backlit Display
  • Dual LEDs (Red/Green)
  • Built-In Wall Mounting
  • Speakerphone
  • Two-Position Angle Adjustable Desk Stand

IntraMail and IntraMail Pro Designed For Businesses That Want To Stay In Touch

IntraMail is available in 2, 4, 6 or 8 Ports with a range of 8, 16 or 32* (*IntraMail Pro Only) Hours. Enjoy up to 128 Subscriber Mailboxes with NEC DSX IntraMail.

NEC DSX IntraMail and IntraMail Pro

IntraMail Advanced Features

  • Message Center
  • Directory Dialing
  • Message on Hold
  • Caller ID (Verbal Information with a Voice Message)
  • Message Notification
  • Conversation Record
  • Live Call Screening
  • Park and Page

IntraMail Pro Gives You All the features of IntraMail plus:

  • Email Integration
  • Cascading Message Notification
  • Find Me Follow Me
  • Upgrade License
  • Multi-Lingual Voice Prompts
  • Security Code Options

NEC DSX Find Me Follow Me: Never miss a call

Never Miss A Call With Find Me Follow Me Feature

Stay in touch with your office and clients with this handy feature that is available with the DSX Version 3.2 Phone System with use of IntraMail Pro. Never miss a call again!

  • Easily locates a business associate who is not at their desk.
  • Locates associates with Three Alternate Find Me Follow Me destinations if call goes to voicemail.
  • Three Destinations for Find Me Follow Me could be the following examples:
    • Associate's Extension
    • Cell Phone
    • Home Office
  • If the call goes to voicemail after three initial attempts to contact an associate, IntraMail Pro will call up to five alternate numbers to deliver the message notification.

What Can A DSX-40 System Do For Your Home?

  • Intercom with Room Monitor
  • Multi-Line Capability
  • Built-In Caller ID (with Call Waiting)
  • Integrated Cordless Phones
  • IntraMail Auto-Answering Voice Messaging System
    • Multiple Greetings
    • Message Notification
    • Live Call Screening
    • Conversation Record
    • Message Center Key
    • Message on Hold

Home Automation Integration Provides Security and Convenience

DSX Home Automation Integration allows your DSX telephone to control the features of your HAI-Compatible Home Automation System.

NEC DSX Home Automation Integration

Press uniquely-programmed feature keys to access your Home Automation System controls. A “top level” feature key lets you use the interactive soft keys to navigate step-by-step through the home automation devices and options. Additionally, you can set up a feature key to go directly to a specific device such as a light, thermostat, lock, or audio control.

Here's some of what you can do with DSX Home Automation Integration:
  • Lighting: Control your home and premises lighting from the convenience of any DSX telephone from any room in the house.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)

  • Security: DSX can also control security, one of the most essential components of any home automation system.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)

  • Access: The keys on your DSX telephone can also monitor and control access to your home’s doors and gates.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)

  • Audio: DSX provides control of an HAI-compatible audio system right from your phone.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)

  • Scenes: Activation of many other features of your Home Automation System is available from any convenient DSX telephone.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)

  • Climate: Use the integrated climate control options to keep your home comfortable while effectively managing your energy expenses.
    NEC DSX Home Automation Integration (HAI)
NEC DSX Digital and IP Phones

NEC DSX Phones provide much needed flexibility for both business and residential applications. It is rich in key features and provides convenience and ease of use for the end user.

DSX VoIP Keysets and Phones for anywhere! Install them in your office, remote office or home!

With the DSX Phone System you can install DSX IP keysets (VoIP Phones) both on site on your managed network or off site in a remote office. NEC offeres two types of DSX IP extensions: the 34-Button Backlit Display and the 34-Button Backlit Super Display. These feature rich IP keysets offer all of the features as the DSX digital phones, have Full Duplex speakerphones, and are easy to set up in an IP environment. Each DSX IP Keyset uses a single Ethernet cable to the desktop connected to a compact DSX IP Phone Adaptor. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and ATAs are also supported.

  • Automatic Handsfree
  • Call Timer
  • Dial Number Preview
  • Direct Line Access
  • Last Number Redial
  • Line Group Routing
  • Line Keys
  • Line Queuing / Line Callback
  • Loop Keys
  • Save Number Dialed
  • Speed Dial
  • Account Codes

NEC DSX Digital Phones

DSX 22-Button and 34-Button Digital Phones

  • Illuminated Keypad (34-Button Phones)
  • Backlit Display (34-Button Phones)
  • Programmable Keys
  • Built-In Speakerphone
  • Available in Black or White
  • Interactive Soft Keys
  • User Level Programming
  • Dual Color LEDs (Red/Green)
  • Two-Position Adjustable Angle Desk Stand
  • Optional Wall Mount

NEC DSX 34-Button Super Display Phones

DSX 34-Button Super Display Digital Phones

  • Same Features as Standard Display Phones
  • Large Interactive Display
  • Automatic Light Sensor (Adjusts Brightness)
  • Viewable Soft Key Menu Options
  • Easier Call Handling
  • Illuminated Keypad
  • Backlit Display

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NEC DSX 40 Phone System Package

NEC DSX 40 Phone System Packages

  • Choose from (3) preconfigured NEC DSX phone system packages based on the DSX 40 Platform.
1091026, 1091027, 1091015
NEC DSX-80 Kit

NEC DSX-80 Common Equipment Kit

  • This package contains all of the parts needed to make a DSX 80 phone system preconfigured for 8 phone lines and 16 telephones with Caller ID, just add your own phones
NEC DSX Phone Systems

NEC DSX Base Phone Systems

  • These are the base phone systems for the DSX lineup. The DSX 80 and DSX 160.
NEC DSX Digital Phones

NEC DSX Phones

  • Thie DSX phones are compatible ONLY with the DSX phone systems.
1090020 / 1090025 , 1090021 / 1090026 , 730087, More!
NEC DSX Cards & Parts

NEC DSX Cards & Parts

  • This section contains all of the cards and parts needed to fill up your DSX phone systems.
1090010 , 1091008 , 1091009 , 1091006 , More!
NEC DSX Intramail Voicemail Systems

NEC DSX Intramail Voicemail Systems

  • These voicemail systems are compatible with all of the DSX phone systems.
DSX IntraMail 4x8, DSX IntraMail 8x16

DSX VoiP Keysets and Phones for anywhere! Install them in your office, remote office or home!

With the DSX Phone System you can install DSX IP keysets (voip phones) both on site on your managed network or off site in a remote office. NEC offeres two types of DSX IP extensions: the 34-Button Backlit Display and the 34-Button Backlit Super Display. These feature rich IP keysets offer all of the features as the DSX digital phones, have Full Duplex speakerphones, and are easy to set up in an IP environment. Each DSX IP Keyset uses a single Ethernet cable to the desktop connected to a compact DSX IP Phone Adaptor. Compliant third-party SIP phones, soft phones, and ATAs are also supported.

New in DSX v3.2 DSX System Software Version 3.2 is an important new release that features three major VoIP enhancements:
• Peer-to-Peer communication between IP extensions
• NAT Traversal with Any Router
• Improved ATA and SIP SLT Support

New in DSX v3.2 With Peer-to-Peer, DSX IP keysets and other SIP devices in the same office do not use VoIP Gateway ports when talking to each other. VoIP licenses are only required for calls to TDM resources and off-premise IP phones.

New in DSX v3.2 NAT Traversal with Any Router for DSX IP keysets means you no longer have to limit your remote offices to the LinkSys routers previously recommended.

Hot Features your will actually use every day!

Hot Dial Pad! A popular feature. The hot dial pad can be enabled. This allows you to dial without having to select a phone line first or even lifting up the handset! You just start dialing and your call will automatically be routed to the prime line outside line settings!

New in DSX 3.2 Hot Dial Pad!

User Level Programming - This allows the user to set features on thier own telephone with contextual soft key and display driven menus. With DSX 3.2, this has been greatly enhanced and will use all three lines on the DSX phone display to provide better guidance when selecting options and setting your preferences.

DXS Has Simplfied but powerful call handing and routing:

The newly added Line Scheduling to set up how you want to receive your incoming calls. You will be amazed at all the different call scenarios this can handle. With the Skip Ahead feature you can change your call schedules in the event you leave early for the day so that your calls run on the overnight schedule. If you decide to come in early for the day, the Skip Ahead feature will let you advance from the overnight schedule to the next business day without having to wait for the clock.

Another great feature is the Multi-lingual Voice Prompt. This gives your callers the option to hear messages or talk to operators in their chosen language. Currently, English, French and Spanish are available.

A new feature available in the DSX v3.2 is the availability to detect spam and other nuisance calls.

When using the Translation Name feature the caller ID is enhanced with additional information about the individual caller. This is great for call center workers; the calls they make will have a custom party number as part of their caller ID (for centers with PRI service). Incoming phone calls can have a custom name show on the caller ID display based on the number they dialed.

Delivering Messages with IntraMail Pro

Never miss a call again. With Follow Me Find Me, if an incoming call comes in while you are away at your desk, IntraMail Pro will ring three alternate phone numbers. In addition to this feature, should you get a voicemail while you are away, IntraMail Pro will call up to five alternate numbers to let you know you have a message waiting.

Your Favorite Features Have been enhanced

NEC has taken their most popular features and enhanced them for better efficiency. For example, the Call Timer can run without a Feature key. You can put frequent calls from colleagues in the Intercom Queue Key- even if you are not an operator. In the past to use your Speed Dial numbers, you could only use them on a separate line or a group line. Now, you can use Speed Dial numbers on your Prime Line. Now you can manually select how you want a number dialed via the Caller ID Log, which puts more control in your hands.

Park and Hold has upgraded the programmable Recall Recycle feature to allow better control of the calls that are placed on hold or park. The Park Recall Enhancement lets you pick up a parked call while it is orbiting or parked.

Introducing New Time-Saving Programs

Instead of eight Ring Groups, there are now THIRTY Department Groups. The Department Groups can be set up as either Ring Groups or Unified Call Distribution Groups (UCD), in any combination. In order to provide a better, more efficient set-up, the group IntraMail programming is consolidated into the Department Groups and it uses a dedicated UCD group so that it does not subtract from the number of Department Groups.

With the new and improved NEC DSX, extensions no longer start at 300. In fact, the Default Numbering for extensions and Department Groups have been organized so that the extension numbers closely resemble the ports they are associated with. (i.e. extensions 301-428 go with ports 1- 128 and extensions 601-630 go with ports 1- 30)
In the new NEC DSX v32 software 3.2 enables all System Administrator Version 3.1 Maintenance and Prompt Update features. This makes it possible to erase, move or copy mailboxes as needs arise. You can also erase pre-installed prompts that don’t serve your needs or if you just need more space.

NEC DSX are complete Voip Systems. Their main function is to enable a company to have multiple phone lines without having to go through the local phone company. The systems use analog and digital lines along with your PC. With one NEC DSX system, a business can have over 64 extensions! They also have such features as incoming call routing, Voicemail, call recording, and programmable feature keys to name a few. NEC made their DSX systems affordable. Don’t think of it as an expense, but an investment.

Tele Technology not only stocks and carries NEC DSX systems, but we provide professional installation services at reasonable, competitive rates. We also have experts on hand to answer all your questions and advise you on what system would work best for your particular needs.

Installation Services
We are located in Houston Texas. We specialize in installing the NEC DSX phone systems in Houston and surrounding areas.

Tele Technology is an authorized dealer of NEC DSX. We have access to the entire database of authorized installers nationwide and we are happy to handle the installation of this phone system any where.

NEC DSX Business Phone Systems Brochure
NEC DSX Residential Phone Systems Brochure
NEC DSX System and Components Manual

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