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NEC Phone Systems & Replacement Parts

Tele Technology carries a full line of NEC Telephones, cards and parts. Below is a sampling of common NEC Products that we stock.
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NEC DSX Phone Systems, Phones & Parts

NEC DSX Phone Systems, Phones & Parts

The NEC DSX is the lastest key system offered by NEC. It replaced the now discontinued DS phone systems.
NEC DS 1000/2000 Phone Systems, Phones & Parts

NEC DS 1000/2000 Phone Systems, Phones & Parts

The DS1000 and DS2000 are now discontinued. Replaced by the DSX, none of the parts are interchangeable. We do stock as much DS phone equipment as we can.
NEC Aspire Phone Systems

NEC Aspire Phone Systems, Phones & Parts

We have it instock! All NEC Aspire phones, parts, systems and voicemail units!

Featured NEC Parts

NEC DSX 40 Phone System Package
  • All New
  • Phone System 4x8
  • Includes 3 Phones


NEC DTU 16D-2 16 Button Phone
  • 770032
  • 3 Line LCD
  • Electra Elite


22 Button Display

NEC DS 22 Button Display Phone (model 80573)
  • For DS 1000/2000
  • 22 Buttons
  • Display


34 Button Display

NEC DS 34 Button Display
  • 34 Buttons
  • For DS 1000/2000
  • 80663



NEC IPK DTH-16D-2 16 Button
  • 16 Button phone
  • 3 Line LCD
  • 11 Function keys


DSX 22-Button Display

DSX 22-Button Display Phone
  • 4 Soft Keys
  • 3 x 24 Character Display
  • 22 Buttons


NEC Aspire 0890043

NEC Aspire 22 Button Display Phone 0890043
  • 22 Buttons
  • 3 x 24 Character Display
  • Dual LED Lights


NEC Aspire 34 Button Display IP Phone Model 0890065

NEC Aspire 34 Button Display IP Phone
  • 34 Buttons
  • IP Phone
  • for Aspire


NEC Aspire 8 Slot Phone System 0890000

NEC Aspire M 8 Slot KSU
  • Main Aspire System
  • 8 Slots
  • Floor, Wall or Rack Mount


NEC Aspire 8 Port CO Card 0891004

NEC Aspire 8 Port Loop Start CO Card
  • 8 port
  • loop start, CO trunk
  • NEC Aspire


Electra 16/48
ET 16-1 ET 16-3
ET 16 H - (1, 3, 4)  
Electra Elite 48/192
DTU-8-1 DTU-8D-2
DTU-16-1 DTU-16D-2 ~ On Sale!
DTH-16D-2 ~ On Sale  
DTERM Series 3
DTP 8-1 DTP 8D-1
DTP 16-1 DTP 16D-1 ~ ON SALE!
DTP 32D-1 DCU 60-1 DSS
Other Models Commonly Available
ETE-6-2/ ETE-6D-2 ETE-16D-2
ETE-6 ETE-6D-1
ETE-16-D2 ETE-16D-1
ETW 8 ETW-16DC-2
ETW-8-1 ET 16H
ET 6-1 ET 6-3
ET 6H-1 ET 6H-3
ETU-16D-1 ETU-6D-1
ETW-24-DS-1 ETW-16DD-1
ETZ-16-1 ETZ-16D-1
  NEC Systems and Components
NEC Electra 6/16, 16/48 KSI-S
NEC 1400 NEC Elite
NEC 2400 COI - F - 8
NEC NEAX 12/22 NEC Voicepoint

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