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NATIONWIDE Business Telephone System Installation

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Here at Tele Technology, we want nothing more than to see the purchase of your new phone system go smoothly. To that end, we provide nationwide installation services.

Phone system installation pricing is calculated in an ala carte fashion. Please call for further details and estimation of your phone system install.

  Description Price
1 Trip Charge $95.00
2 Install, program per CO Line $55.50
3 Install, program per Extension $55.50
4 Rewire existing jacks, only if required, each $21.00
5 Build Out - Amphenols and 66 blocks, cross connect $110.00
6 Provide and Install Backboard, if required $135.00
7 Install per Voice Mail Port $105.00
8 Set-up voice mail per box $9.50
9 Connect Single Line Device (i.e. fax to CO) $39.00
10 Connect MOH device to CO and system $55.00
11 Install Remote Access Device $85.00
12 Key System Labor Rates $97.50
13 PBX System Labor Rates $135.00
14 Data Labor Rate. May vary $160.00
15 Wire runs-Phones CAT 3 Standard to 75 ft $95.00
16 Wire runs-Phones CAT 3 Standard to 150 ft $145.00
17 Wire runs-Phones CAT 3 Standard to 225 ft $195.00
18 Wire runs-Phones CAT 3 Standard to 300 ft $214.00
19 Wire runs-Phones CAT 5 Standard to 75 ft $135.00
20 Wire runs-Phones CAT 5 Standard to 150 ft $195.00
21 Wire runs-Phones CAT 5 Standard to 225ft $245.00
22 Wire runs-Phones CAT 5 Standard to 300ft $295.00
23 Turn-up Support for Circuits - 4 hour limit $480.00
24 Assemble / Install / Connect Rack - small up to 12 RM $295.00
25 De-install for standard Key systems $170.00
26 Certify Data Wire Run with Print Out - Each. $22.00

Price is based on the scope of work as provided to Tele Technology by the customer.
If the required / actual scope of work is different from the scope of work, as provided, the quoted price is subject to change.

Prices are based on the following job assumptions and requirements.
  1. Any and all additional work is extra and will be charged according to our price list or T& M if not listed.
  2. Work to be performed during normal working hours - 8 AM to 5 PM local time and standard office environment.
  3. Standard office environment - drop ceilings, limit 9 ft height, accessible interior and exterior walls, unrestricted access to equipment and jack locations
  4. Technician is not required to move or relocate desks, shelving or other equipment.
  5. Non-standard locations will incur additional charges. All equipment and CO lines / circuits available at time of installation.
  6. Any missing equipment and/or equipment failures may require additional visits(s), which will be billed at the normal T & M rate, plus a visit charge per occurrence.
  7. AC power, ground location and backboard available, if required.
  8. All wiring is non-plenum unless otherwise stated.
  9. Programming prices based on customer providing accurate support and documentation at time of installation.
  10. Training prices based on customer being available for initial training session. Additional session are extra.
  11. Additional time / visits due to service provider problems or delay will incur additional charges.
  12. Quotes for Circuit turn-up and testing are limited, delays due to LEC problems are billable per hour.

Prices are subject to change and are only valid for 30 days. Certain projects will require a site survey at customers expense. Lifts, if required will be additional. If the actual job is substantially different from the scope of work provided vendor reserves the right to refuse to complete the job without any liability. By accepting the quote, either verbally, email or signed bid the customer agrees to the above limitations and requirements.

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