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Houston's #1 Business Phone System Moving Service

We have a 5 Star BBB Rating and over One Thousand Happy Clients

We can relocate any phone system and we can do it in a hurry!

17 Years of Experience installing and moving phone systems and networks for Houston businesses.

Specializing in Careful De-Installation and Reinstallation of phone systems for "The Everyday Businesses".

We'll even help make sure your phone lines get moved properly too.

Family Style Customer Service is Literally A Phone Call Away Get a quote in less than 5 minutes - 281-894-6606

You might be in "Emergency Mode" right now, don't think about it another minute, we can handle it.

If you own a business or work for a business in Houston or surrounding areas, and your office is moving, you will need a trusted source to move your phone system from one office to another. Don't attempt to do this yourself! And if you left this til the last minute, you need to pick up the phone right now and dial 281-894-6606.

Finally, A Company That Understands What You Are Searching For Right Now and "Understands" That The Process Is Frustrating When You Don't Know Who To Turn To, To Trust, Or Believe In. We Know You Would Love For A Trusted Person To Organize Everything For You And Get Your Stuff Accomplished.
Get a quote in under 5 minutes, just by calling us at 281-894-6606 during regular business hours (How nice is it to be greeted by an actual human being that understands your needs, knows the questions to ask, and can quote you right now?)
Our technicians move phone systems, and we do it in a hurry...Your Business IS UNIQUE... And we would like a chance to hear about what you need.
17 Years we've been at this and our "methods" are tested and proven (Plus, discover how we will STOP YOU from making costly mistakes or overkill decisions. For instance, a client of ours tried to move their phone system themselves. They took all the phones, but forgot THE SYSTEM! They were on bad terms with the old landlord, who refused to let them retrieve it. A $2200 mistake.)
5 Star BBB Rated, Professional "Down To Business" Attitude with ZERO Corner Cutting
Kayla Davis

How Did This 5' Girl Come To Dominate The Male World Of Phone System Installation In A Little Town Called Houston?

This "little" girl is a powerhouse in Houston with a keen understanding of multiple brands of phone systems, how they operate, and what is required to move them.

You clicked because your office is moving and you just realized someone is going to need to move your phone system.

The internet is frustrating because you are having a hard time finding the right answers.

You're tired of "fill in this form and we'll have 98 people call you tomorrow" pages

You might be feeling a bit desperate.

If you had a good friend who knew everything about your phone system, you would call them right away, maybe even buy them dinner to gain a better understanding of what you need to do.

Call 281-894-6606, the phones here are answered LIVE.

What's this all about?

Tele Technology moves business phone systems in the Houston Metro and Surrounding Areas.

But what's this about the blonde girl and why do I care?

Kayla Davis is her name. A 29 year old business woman that know's phone systems inside and out. She LOVES coordination and is a detailed, neat freak almost to a fault!

You see, Kayla has learned that not every phone system move / job is the same.

There are a lot of pitfalls to watch out for when providing a pricing quote and having the work performed on any phone system move or you face the wrath of the customer who feels like "you got em".  We don't want that.

Most of these pitfalls will deal with the building itself and some with the equipment itself. 

For instance, the very first question we are going to have for you is the following, "In your new office, is there a jack at each spot you want to put a telephone?" This is kind of important, wouldn't you say? If not, we are going to have to deal with that.

Another pitfall can be equipment age. I can tell you a story about a company that we performed the move for. This companies phone system was just plain old. A good one, but old. The voicemail installed in the phone system had a hard drive in it, you know, like the kind in your computer. We all know that harddrives fail , particularly when they are 12 years old and run constantly their whole life. In a nutshell, their harddrive didn't come back up after power was removed and the customer lost all of their voicemail and was forced to start over. This can happen folks!

More than likely, you are in a HURRY. It's a very common story, the phone call from the delirious girl who has been asked by her boss to handle the "office move" and she just realized that no one has been scheduled to move her phone system, and they are moving TOMORROW. I have a question for you if this is the case. Did you remember to call your phone line service provider? It's easily overlooked, please don't feel bad if you find yourself in this situation.

Making you prepared for the possibilities of pitfalls like these is half the battle.  You must understand, that after all, Kayla IS a businesswoman.  She feeds her child only when she exchanges Tele Technology’s services for real money.  What she has learned is the "Goldilocks Secret". 

“It’s simple really”, she explains.

The first order of business, she says, is to make sure the customer is informed and knows all of what is about to occur and what could go wrong outside of any human control, based on their individual situation.  With bad starting information you will find yourself, as the coordinator, in a position where you have to “jump through rings of fire”.  She explains that this is the biggest factor that can frustrate a customer; under quoting.  Hence, cheaper is not always better. But there is a "Goldilocks" way of going about the situation and it starts with a cleverly designed but brief interview process designed to uncover all of the details absolutely needed to arrive at the middle bowl of porridge, to mean, the perfect set of circumstances that allow for the lowest price without detrimentally cutting corners or dropping the customer off a cliff.

This skill is something she has keenly developed totally in trial by fire. You yourself are a business owner, a business manager or a trusted employee or you wouldn't even be reading this, so you will totally understand skills like this are only honed over years of experience, just the way a master sword maker learned to make the sharpest instruments on the planet.

You are also undoubtedly adept at the skills listed above and good for you!  However, you are probably not an expert on structured wiring, phone system ports, cross connections and 66 blocks.

BUT you DO KNOW you need something, right now, and that is PROPER GUIDANCE.

If you had a skilled friend or family member, who you know and trust, that understands EVERYTHING about the process, I would bet you $100 dollars right now he or she would be the first person you call.  You might even buy this person dinner or a drink just to discover if you are making the right decisions, not getting ripped off and not about to receive shoddy workmanship or materials, and you know there's a bunch of both in the world!

Chances are no one in your family knows the answers to these burning questions but you have just discovered the one girl in Houston who knows precisely what to do and is more than happy to discuss these details with you.

Kayla has a long list of credentials. I could brag on her all day, but I won’t.  No one likes a braggart, including me. I would prefer that you do the bragging for her when you tell a business colleague about your truly simple and amazing experience you had in your business dealings with her.  Suffice is to say, she is one of the most sought out “go-to” folks for continuing phone system service for other companies.  You know what they pay her for?  SHE HANDLES BUSINESS!  She get the job done, effectively and quickly..

Imagine what she can do for your business. Let her do the worrying so you don’t have to.  Let her save you from "corner cutting" companies so you don’t have to replace bad work.  Let her save you from overpriced companies who brag about their luxurious buildings but pay for it by making you pay through the nose. Let her make your day simple.

Spend less than 4 minutes of your day to discover for yourself exactly what I am telling you about. Dial 281-894-6606 and ask for Kayla right now (unless it is after hours. In this case, wait until we open at 9 am and call then. You might also miss her at lunchtime, but Jay would be here then and you can ask for him.)

Pricing a phone system move is straightforward. We are going to charge you by the hour at a rate $120 per hour. Certain systems require a different rate of $140 per hour, but most fit into the $120. In most cases, we are going to spend 30 minutes to 1 hour removing your phone system, gathering up all of the telephones and getting ready to travel. Now add travel time from one location to another. Then, it's normally going to take an hour to mount your phone system and 66 blocks at your new location, another 20 to 30 minutes for your voicemail if you have one. Then, we need to locate all of the jacks and discover which wire is which in the phone room, this time is going to vary depending on the number of telephones you have. Next we cross connect them all. We turn your system on and make sure everything comes up as needed.

  • Our Competitive Advantage?
    • A friendly but straightforward, down to business attitude.
    • Instant gratification when you call us with no middle men or auto attendant.
    • 40 years of combined expertise.
    • Installers That are purposely trained.
    • Our technicians are friendly, efficient & effective experts.
    • We use only quality products from Panduit, ICC, Leviton and others.
    • Straight forward, business friendly pricing structures and "no-charge" engineering.

  • Tele Technology provides convenience and piece of mind by ensuring a job done right the very first time!



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