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Case Studies

Tele Technology has over 30,000 customers with a strong number of these being located in Houston Texas. Local customers need ethical and physical hands on work to be performed on site. The following are a few hand selected case studies.


His Hands Laser of Houston creates amazing laser engraved products. The company can produce anything from vinyl wall art to charming brackets, and all with a beautiful, heartfelt, Christian nature. Owned and Operated by Lloyd, His Hands Laser is a hands on operation and business is booming. In 2009, Lloyd had driven His Hands Laser to the point of bursting at the seams and it was time to move to larger facility in order to grow his business.

By the time Lloyd discovered and contacted Tele Technology, he had already selected his new space, begun the build out and had phone system quotes on his desk. Lloyd needed a single company to handle the sale and installation of a new phone system, voice and data cables and patch panels to his specs, and he needed it fast.

He contacted us and discussed his needs and time frame over the phone with Jay Harper. His time frame was short and his budget was constrained by the ever growing costs of moving his entire operation. With his moving date as short as two weeks, Lloyd had no time for fooling around.

A close estimate was given over the telephone and a site survey was conducted the same day. By that afternoon Lloyd had a hard quote on his desk that entailed 22 dual cables runs, a phone system capable of operating 8 phone lines and 16 phones, voicemail, patch panels, 66 blocks, installation and training which cut the next closest bid by $3000.00.

Lloyd saw the beauty and immediately asked that Tele Technology begin the cabling. Knowing the critical nature of Lloyd's time frame, we installed his voice and data drops the very next day. Lloyd was organized with a floor plan that outlined his goals for his employee positions and the voice and data cable went smooth. Before the close of the week, our technical staff was back on site with the phone hardware once the site was securable. Installation of his phone system was smooth and straightforward, training was accomplished and His Hands Laser move their operations that very same week.

Not only did we prioritize the installation of all telecom related gear at His Hands Laser, we also accomplished all tasks within days of first contact AND saved Lloyd thousands of dollars.

Anchor Executive Center of Houston owns and operates several high end, commercial executive suite office buildings. Each office building has a different phone system installed that serve all renters of executive offices.

This type of situation can cause a logistical nightmare for phone system maintenance as customers move in, move out, add phone lines, cut phone lines, add phones, cut phones, change voicemail service, add fax lines and so forth.

Anchor Executive even continues to employ an old Executone phone system at one of their locations. When Anchor Executive contacted Tele Technology with regards to working on their old Executone phone system, they were impressed with the fact that our sales teams immediately agreed to work on that highly unknown phone system. They stated they were happy we didn't do what all of the other phone vendors they contacted did; which was to offer to replace the system at a huge expense rather than work on it.

Just so happens we have a phone technician who learned the trade working on Executone phone systems and we were happy to facilitate the continuance of their current phone systems.

After our initial batch of service calls to a single Anchor Executive office center, Tele Technology was entrusted to all current locations and maintains all voice and data systems at each location.

Boccard USA has huge business here in Houston. Based on past service call history, when Boccard USA was due for a new phone system, they called Tele Technology.

Boccard's office requires the use of 60 to 70 telephone sets, paging system integration and expansive voicemail operations.

Boccard management also acquired quotes from other houston phone system vendors and selected Tele Technology based on current service report and the fact that our phone system quote with installation was at least $4500 less expensive the next wolf in line.

Boccard USA selected a Norstar Modular ICS phone system based on it's reliability, ease of use, ease of expansion and price. Tele Technology quoted the phone system with installation before the day was out and installation was accomplished within days of the green light from Boccard upper management.

While we are not allowed to reveal the final invoice cost, we can say that Boccard netted a brand new Norstar phone system valued at $24,000 for just over $15,000, installed, trained and complete.

Tele Technology currently supports and maintains their phone system.

Cafe Adobe is brilliantly designed and great tasting chain of mexican food restaurants located throughout Houston, The Woodlands and Sugerland.

Each restaurant has a different phone system installed in it and a unique set of circumstances with regards to layout, single and multiple floors, age of building and wiring, etc.

Bob, the owner of the Cafe Adobe chain knows that having a single company to depend on for all of the chains telecom needs is a must. Managing such a large chain is demanding and complicated and anywhere Bob can simplify his life, the better.

To that end, Cafe Adobe depends on Tele Technology for timely and personal service to all Cafe Adobe locations. Bob has learned that the Tele Technology staff is capable of handling any issue, at any location, at any time as needed.

This quality relationship helps simplify telecom management across Cafe Adobe locations where all service calls are phoned or emailed to a single representative at Tele Technology and business is handled the same or next day.

HearthStone Senior Services is a phenomenally successful, nationwide assisted living facility providers. HearthStone not only has many facilities in Houston Texas but has 100's of facilities around the country.

Just so happens they are headquarter in The Woodlands, just North of Houston.

Each Hearthstone facility has a different phone system of varying age and each facility is in a constant state of growth.

Hearthstone management trusts and depends on Tele Technology to deliver phone hardware in a timely fashion to any Hearthstone location in need.

They have come to know Tele Technology quality with refurbished and like new phone system hardware as well as our prices and allows Tele Technology to handle all of their needs nationwide.

When the US Coast Guard station at Ellington Field in Houston had a massive failure with thier indoor and outdoor paging horns, they turned to Tele Technology for an emergency fix.

The US Coast Guard contacted Tele Technology in the morning and we had a tech on site to survey the issue that afternoon. We discovered that their paging amplfier was completely dead. Upon speaking with the Coast Guard rep, it was also discovered that the station need several more horns installed 100's of a feet away from the building outdoors.

The following day, our technical crew was on site with an exact replacement, brand new, as their old amplifier as well as some fresh apging horns. Our techs accomplished all of the work over that day and the next, bringing the US Coast Guard mission critical paging back online faster than an any other company could even get someone on site to survey the situation.

Johnson Oil Company is one of the largest Exxon distributors in the country. When the Toshiba phone system in their plant, located in central Texas, gave up the Ghost, Johnson oil first turned to their local vendor.

Immediatly it was obvious that the only local vendor in the area did exactly what a lot of only local vendors do, and that was to jack the price of a replacement system to an artificially inflated number based on two facts. 1) Johson Oil is wealthy 2) Where else are they going to go?

Well to the suprise of that unfortunate local vendor, JOC contacted Tele Technology, just a few hundred miles away and explained their issue. Tele Technology supplied a verbal "on the spot" quote that was a total of $6000 less than their local vendor.

A hard copy was requested and sent that very day and the following day, Tele Technology had all of the hardware needed to keep their current phones but replace their system on the way.

Vinci Law Firm is an acknowledged leader in the field of accounts receivable management.

They facilitate one of the highest volumes of collections in the country.

When Vinci Law Firm needed to implement a Call Recording Solutions for it's hundreds of agents, they immediatly recognized Tele Technology as a leader in Call Recording Solutions.

Vinci Law contacted Tele Technology and explained their entire setup. After approval, Tele Technology constructed a custom solution based on the Trisys Replay call recording solution which would also include custom call accounting.

We not only contructed the hardware but also facilitated a complete walkthrough of installation, setup, training and support remotely.

Vinci law firm now has a detailed accounting all of phone calls, phone traffiic and stored recordings of every phone call placed to and from clients during the collection process.

Whole Foods Market is a unique grocery store chain that sells organic and matrual products.

With locations all of over the US, Whole Foods needs a single point of contact for all of the telecom hardware.

This is why Whole Foods depends on Tele Technology for thier hardware replacement parts. The advantage is that Tele Technology carries all of the different brands of phone systems through the different Whole Foods stores and in a single call they can have any part delivered to any whole foods location nationwide.

Whole Foods appreciates our attention to detail, rapid response and quality of product, a win win for both companies.


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