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Houston Structured Cable Installation

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17 Years of Experience in wiring for phone systems and networks in Houston businesses.

Specializing in Commercial Cat5e and Cat6 Cable Drops For "The Everyday Businesses".

New Construction, Existing Structures, Dropped Ceilings, Solid Ceilings, Indoor and Outdoor.

Family Style Customer Service is Literally A Phone Call Away Get a quote in less than 5 minutes - 281-894-6606

From a single cable to hundreds, we are happy to help. We also sell and install racks, cable management systems, patch panels and 66 / 110 blocks.

If you own a business or work for a business in Houston or surrounding areas, and you seriously need structured wire or cable installed in your facility AND you want the job done correctly without getting ripped off, then here's how to realistically get it accomplished.

Finally, A Company That Understands What You Are Searching For Right Now and "Understands" That The Process Is Frustrating When You Don't Fully Understand Your Structured Wiring Needs. We Know You Would Love For A Trusted Person To Organize Everything For You And Get Your Cabling Needs Accomplished.
Get a quote in under 5 minutes, just by calling us at 281-894-6606 during regular business hours (How nice is it to be greeted by an actual human being that understands your needs, knows the questions to ask, and can quote you right now?)
Our technicians install Cat5e, Cat6, 25 Pair, Phone Wire and Network Cables...Your Business IS UNIQUE... And we would like a chance to hear about what you need.
17 Years we've been at this and our "methods" are tested and proven (Plus, discover how we will STOP YOU from making costly mistakes or overkill decisions. For instance, did you know that the slightly more expensive ICC Clip In Keystone Jack can be compressed in less than 5 seconds and also has a fallout/failure rate of Zero? Is "cheap" dangerous to YOUR business if you wall jack failed?)
5 Star BBB Rated, Professional "Down To Business" Attitude with ZERO Corner Cutting
Kayla Davis

How Did This 5' Girl Come To Dominate The Male World Of Structured Cable In A Little Town Called Houston.

This "little" girl is the one powerhouse in Houston with the ability to make your cabling needs simple and effective. Cat5e, Cat6, Jacks and all manners of structured wiring have serious pitfalls and getting it right counts.

You clicked because you have a need for some sort of cable or structured wire installed and you need to make your decision soon..

If you had a good friend who knew everything about cabling, you would call them right away, maybe even buy them dinner to gain a better understanding of what you needf.

Call 281-894-6606, the phones here are answered LIVE.

  • Our Competitive Advantage?
    • A friendly but straightforward, down to business attitude.
    • Instant gratification when you call us with no middle men or auto attendant.
    • 40 years of combined expertise in structured cable installation.
    • Installers That are purposely trained.
    • Our technicians are friendly, efficient & effective experts.
    • We use only quality products from Panduit, ICC, Leviton and others.
    • Straight forward, business friendly pricing structures and "no-charge" engineering.
    • Happy to run a single cable, ability to run hundreds.

  • Tele Technology provides convenience and piece of mind by ensuring a job done right the very first time!

  • Our technicians are fully prepared with knowledge & skill to handle any new or existing cabling job.

  • Our Voice and Data Cabling Services are broad. Call and inquire about:
    • VoiP applications.
    • Server rooms.
    • Phone rooms.
    • Buried Cable.
    • Aerial Cable.
    • Coaxial Cable.

  • All Phone and Network Cables Tested and marked! Tele Technology guarantees the testing & marking of our cable installations to ensure all telecommunication and data applications are properly configured before completing service.

  • We Can Also Provide the Following:
    • Custom Made Patch Cords.
    • Patch Panels for Cat5 / Cat5e or Cat 6 Cable.
    • Standard PVC and Plenum Cable.
    • Special Wall Plates, Single, Dual, Triple, Quad, Six.
    • Special Plugs.

Let me give you a quick education on the types Voice and Data Cable with these quick Definitions
CAT 5 Cable - Houston, Texas Cabling
  • CAT5 Cable: Includes four twisted pairs in a single cable jacket. It is used for high performance voice communications and larger phone systems and networks. The balanced lines help preserve audio quality and prevent interferences.

  • CAT5e Cable: This is the enhanced version of CAT 5 Cable that adds for far end crosstalk. However, this enhanced cable is designed for stricter performance for telephone systems and network systems, it does not enable longer distances.

  • Category 6 Cable - Houston, Texas Cabling
  • CAT6 Cable: This cable doubles the transmission performance of the CAT 5e Cable, giving the network system more bandwidth. It offers superior protection from external noise. This cable has more of a "Electrically Balanced" circuit design to prevent electromagnetic interference. It is the top-notch design that is designed to work over the CAT 5e Cable and provide better performance.

  • Unshielded Twisted Pair Cable (UTP): Twisted Pair Cables have been around since the beginning of the invention of the telephone. These cables are open wire that guard against electromagnetic interference. This is the majority of our data and voice communications are used by these wires. This wire is unshielded, which gives this cable more flexibility as well as durability. Can be used for Ethernet networks and telephone systems.Twisted Pair Cable - Shielded and Unshielded

  • Shielded Twisted Pair Cable (STP): These cables are much like the UTP Cables, however, they are shielded to provide more protection from electromagnetic interferences. They are designed with a metal shielding over each individual pair of copper wires.
Coax Cabling
  • Coaxial Cable: Radio-Grade Electrical Cable that is either rigid or flexible. Rigid cables have a solid sheath and flexible cables have a braided sheath design. It is used for high-frequency transmissions or broadband signals. It is highly protected from electromagnetic interference due to its encasing design of conductors. This cable is ideal for transmissions that involve high frequency such as video, broadband and cable connections.
  • Coaxial Cable - Houston, Texas Cabling

The reasons YOUR business might need structured cable?
  • Phone Jacks / Connection
  • Network Jack / Connection
  • IP Phone Jack / Connection
  • Cubicle Jack / Connection
  • New Construction / New Office
  • Gigabit Networks
  • Paging Horns and Speakers
  • Door Intercoms
  • Cable to Out Buildings
  • Emergency Phones
  • Elevator Phones
  • Video Surveillance
  • Conferencing Phones
  • Replace Cat5 with Cat6
From Panel To Jack:
  • Any Length
  • PVC or Plenum Cable
  • Standard Office Drop Ceilings to Burial
  • Caddy Fasteners, Plates and Jack / Insert
  • Jack Installation
  • Termination in your server or phone room
  • Cat5e or Cat6
  • Racks, Patch Panels, 66 Blocks
  • Testing, Certification, Marking
Call for custom quotes for: Solid Ceiling, Plenum Cable, Residential, New Construction, Cable Repair

Our Goal Is Simple!

Our wiring crews love to install cable! Dropped ceiling, solid ceiling, underground and aerial. We just want to provide you with the best cabling job Houston has to offer and be the best cabling contractor in Houston.


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