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Avaya IP Office Phone System

Houston customers enjoy our Avaya IP Office installation and maintaince services

Tele Technology is an authorized Avaya IP Office dealer and installation services company located in Houston Texas.

Through the Avaya Network, we can manage the installation of an IP office phone systems anywhere in the USA.

Get much more than a Just A Phone System

The Avaya IP Office is much more than just a phone system. It's a unified communications platform, a call recording device, a call monitoring box, a conference bridge, a stay in touch anywhere you are box. It's a digital / VoiP Hybrid system that moves at the speed of business.

  • Use analog, digital, IP and/or PC based telephones
  • Use analog, PRI / T-1 and/or SIP trunks.
  • Built In, 128 party conference bridge
  • Computer integrated phone controls
  • Voicemail to email
  • Add advanced applications such as Call Center
  • Easily network mutliple sites
  • Up to 384 users per site

  • Use Avaya OneX software to control your phone
  • Record phone calls
  • Sophisticated auto-attendant
  • Integrated voice recognition
  • Find me, follow me to cell phones
  • Simplfy communications
  • Automated reminder system, such as appointment reminders.
  • Software for tele-workers, remote users, reception

Never miss a call

Never Miss A Call

  • One touch forward to your cell phone
  • One touch transfer back to your deskphone
  • Keep your cell phone number private
  • Check your messages at the office easily
  • See who is in the office and who isn't
  • Makes calls using your number at the office
Avaya IP Office Telephone

Choose From a Wide Variety Of Phones

  • Avaya offers several series pf telephones, each designed to meet different levels of budgets and user interaction. From stylish, paper labeled digital phones to beautifully styled touch color screen IP telephones.

Use Avaya One-X Software For Ultimate Control

Avaya One-X
  • One-X software on your PC or Mac lets you
    • Setup Conference Calls
    • See incoming caller ID Info
    • See the status of all employees both in and out of the office
    • Text message employees on the small business network
    • Place calls from contact databases
    • Access call logs
    • Can be used as a softphone

  • One-X software on your cell phone allows
    • See and Check messages at the office
    • Turn on call blocking
    • Change forwarding options
    • Change voicemail forwarding, greetings and options
IP Office conference Bridge

Built In Conferencing

  • Built in 128 party conference bridge
  • Up to 64 parties on a single conference call
  • Easily setup conferences via a phone or One-X software
  • Keep calls secure with unique pin numbers
  • Find me conference abilities
  • Auto Attendant access to conferences
  • Setup as many bridges as needed

User Productivity Solutions Simplfy Communications

  • IP Office Receptionist Solution provides Visual PC interface fast call handling and your operator can see the status of everyone and their call status. Reception can even manage calls for mutliple locations allowing a single receptoin point to be shared across your multi-site business.
  • IP Office Office Worker Solution provides visual PC interface for telphnoy and voice mail call control. Rich presence capablility to 'see' the status of other users and use instant messaging for faster response. Set up conference calls from your PC or MAC and receive voice messages to your email inbox.
  • IP Office TeleWorker Solution allows employees to work from home, using their internet access and home phone number to appear as if they were in the office. Visual PC interface provides the same abilities as the Office Worker. Home phone numbers are kept secret.
  • IP Office Mobile Worker Solution delivers one number access to mobile phones with call controls as if you were in the office. Listen to voice messages and Email from your mobile phone and roam your office / warehouse wirelessly.
  • IP Office Power User Solution delivers the ability to work from anywhere. The power user is empowers your laptop and mobile phone with all of the capabilties of Mobile Worker and adding the laptop softphone, One-X and your desk IP phone can travel.
  • IP Office Customer Service Agent Solution is for any employee who fields customer service requests. It delivers the ability to efficiently and effectively service callers. The agent is informed via one screen displays of the performance of the group and his personal productivty.
  • IP Office Customer Service Supervisor delivers the ability to track, measure and create custom reports for agent productivity. With an easy to use broswer based interface the supervisor can customize views and stay informed of the most critical business cares. The Supervisor can create alarm thresholds and fine tune them at any time to respond to current contact center conditions, all drag and drop, point and click.

The Avaya IP Office Business Phone System is designed to work with a large variety of telephones. Briefly, the Avaya IP Office phone system will operate with the following phones.

  • Avaya Digital Telephones
  • Avaya IP Telephones
  • Wireless Phones
  • PC Based Phones
  • Third Party SIP Phones
  • Industry Standard Analog Phones
  • Avaya Partner Telephones (special configuration required)

IP Office Phones for Managers and Executives

Large screen displays and the latest capabilities are utilized to make the very best use of executive time. Avaya IP Office offers a full range of sleek and attractive phones to please the most demanding executive. Get clear, easy to read displays, programmable call appearances, lots of feature keys, speed dial keys, call logs and more. Executive phones are available in both digital and IP versions and the IP phones offer access to Web-Based capabilities as well as a range of applications.

Avaya IP Office Executive Phones

Avaya One-X 9630G/9640G Models - Benefit from high resolution displays, easy to access features, visual voice mail, multiple directories and customer faceplate options. Includes an integrated Gigabit Adapter to connect to your network and built-in VPN capability for remote working. 1416/1616 Models - Available in Digital (1416) and IP (1616). Offers a large display with adjustable viewing angle, up to three 32 button expansion modules and wireless headset support.


IP Office Phones for Daily Workers

Help Managers and staff stay better connected to customers and each other. Avaya IP Office phones for every day users help everyone to do their work efficiently and productively. One-Touch access to features streamlines call handling while Web browser capability on the displays of many Avaya IP Telephones opens the door to advanced capabilities and access to customize to individual needs. And with both digital and IP based telephones available, you have greater flexibility to provide the added functionality where it is needed most.

Ip Office Phones

Avaya One-X 9620L/ 9620C Models - High resolution displays (color on the 9620C) and easy access to features, web browser access, multiple directories and custom face plate options. Integrated Gigabit Adapter (9620C) to connect to your network and built-in VPN capability for remote working 1408/1608 Models - Available in Digital (1408) and IP (1608) Versions, these phones combine a professional appearance with ease of use. Users easily navigate through contacts and call logs, and the phone supports 8 line appearances and feature keys. Headset Compatible.


IP Office Phones for Assistants/Reception

Streamline your business with efficient, effective call handling. Your receptionists, administrative assistants and anyone else with the job of handling incoming calls will appreciate the speed, accuracy and simplicity in call handling that Avaya IP Office phones deliver. Know incoming callers at a glance, monitor calls throughout the business, get easy one touch access for transfers, conferencing and more. Available add on modules increase the capacity of receptionist's phones, making it easy to see the status of additional associates. No matter how you handle calls in your business, a dedicated position or distributed across a range of personnel, Avaya gives you options for choosing the right phone to meet needs.

Avaya One-X 9650/9650C Models - High resolution displays (color on the 9650C) and high definition audio along with one touch access to bridged appearances, speed dials, web browser access, custom faceplate and feature keys make these phones ideal for anyone who needs quick access to features and call appearances. 1416/1616 Models - Available in digital (1416) and IP (1616) modules, these phones offer large displays with adjustable viewing angle and up to three 32 button expansion modules. Also, support for wireless headsets.


Walk Up Users

Simple, cost effective communications in lobbies and other public areas. Often located in office lobbies, stock rooms, drop in desks and other common building areas, Avaya IP Office telephones for walk up users have a simple, familiar interface that make them the right choice for visitors, suppliers and others who need a phone for occasional use. These durable and cost effective Avaya phones can be desk or wall mounted and are available in both digital and IP Versions.

ip office walkup phones

1403/1603SW Models - Available in Digital (1403) and IP (1603SW) versions, with a backlit display, this phone delivers all the capabilities you need for a walk up phone with three line appearances and 10 fixed feature keys. Built in Ethernet switch on the 1603SW simplifies connections to the local network.


Avaya Wireless Phones

Advanced Communications Capabilities in the palm of your hand! Take advantage of the Avaya Wireless phones to work anywhere in your office and still get the full power of your IP office communications system. Avaya offers the choice of IP based and digital wireless phones for any office, including WIFI DECT 4 telephones.

Ip Office Wireless Phones

IP Office Wireless Phones

The 3641 and 3645 wirless wifi telephones provide an improvied user interface, new lightweight design, and support several Wi-Fi standards. 802.11A, B, and G. With these cordless phones, your business has an increased choice to fit your needs and infrastructure. The Avaya Voice Priority Processor is an Ethernet LAN appliance that works with access points to provide Quality of Service (QoS) on the wireless LAN. All packets to and from the wireless phones pass through the Avaya Voice Priority Processor and are encapsulated for priritization as they are routed to and from the IP Office. The Avaya Voices Pririoty Processor is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11 A-B-G standards. Avaya Voice Priority Processor is required for QoS. It also delivers QoS by limiting the number of phones that are connected to one access point in order to avoid quality problems. The AWTS open application interface gateway enables third party software applications to communicate with the Avaya IP wireless telephones. This serves as a two way messaging device. Many companies provide applications and interface to in house paging systems, email and client server messaging. Other vendors with complimentary systems such as Nurse Call, Alarm and control system manufacturers are currently developing applications to interface with the Avaya IP wireless telephone solutions.

Avaya IP Office Wireless Solutions


IP Office 500

The IP Office 500 is the latest generation of IP Office phone systems.
8 Port Dig Station , VCM32, More...
Avaya IP Office IP Phones

IP Phones for IP Office

1600, 4600 and 5600 Series Avaya IP Phones.
1603, 1608, 1616, 4601, 4620, 5610SW, More...
Avaya IP Office Digital Phones

Digital Phones for IP Office

Here you're going to find the 1400, 2400 and 5400 Series Digital Phones.
1408, 1416, 2402, 2420, 5420, More...
Avaya IP Office External Expansion Modules

IP Office External Expansion Modules

For use with the IP Office 400 and IP500 phone systems. Expands systems for Analog and Digital stations as well as trunks.
DS16, Phone 8 , More...
Avaya IP Office Wireless Phones

Wireless Telephones


IP Office 400

Here you will find the main Ip Office 400 Series phone systems.
IP403, IP406, IP412, More...

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